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What to Do in Las Vegas During the Day

In March 2023, over 40 million people visited Las Vegas. This makes it one of the most traveled-to areas of the United States.

While there is plenty to do after the sun sets, not everyone knows about the best activities to pursue during the day. The truth is the city has just as much to offer during daylight hours as it does at night. Let’s explore what to do in Las Vegas during the day so you can make the most of the opportunities that come your way.

Titanic Exhibition

This is one of the most notable attractions you can take advantage of during your Las Vegas vacation. Those who enjoy the film or want to learn more about the history of the ship will love this location.

The exhibit even has a portion of the ship’s hull. Other key features include recreations of the promenade deck and grand staircase.

Bodies Exhibition

This facility aims to educate visitors on how the human body functions. The exhibit showcases real bodies with actual organs that have been preserved using state-of-the-art techniques. Nine galleries feature dozens of anatomical specimens.

It’s also renowned for being the largest permanent anatomical human body exhibition in the United States. Those who are squeamish at the sight of blood or the body’s inner workings should use caution when visiting, though.

Madame Tussauds

During your city exploration, it’s imperative to stop by Madame Tussauds. This is a location where you can learn about all things celebrity and pop culture.

The facility houses lifelike replicas of famous actors in public figures, providing plenty of photo opportunities. These replicas are so realistic that your friends and family will be convinced you met that person (as long as the celebrity is still alive today)!

Tour the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is known across the world as being an engineering marvel, especially when considering the period in which it was created. You can walk at your own pace across the dam to the opposite side, which places you in Arizona.

There’s also a theater, powerplant, observation deck, and visitor center. You can easily kill a few hours during the afternoon by checking out this attraction. Keep this in mind when moving forward so you can include it in your plans.

Visit the Grand Canyon

You can take a break from the commotion of the Las Vegas strip and take a guided bus tour to the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. Many people travel from all over the world to see this amazing natural attraction. When visiting the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, understand that it will take an entire day.

You’ll embark on a tour in the morning and return during the evening. After you visit the canyon itself, you can run around Grand Canyon Village. This area has plenty of viewpoints and shops to explore. Be sure to take plenty of pictures while you’re there so you can immortalize this spectacular moment.

Number One Escape Room

Escape rooms are an ideal way to take a break from the Las Vegas heat and bond with your friends and family. This hour-long challenge requires teams to work together to solve complex puzzles and access the room’s exit. The escape rooms at the facility will change over time, which is great for returning visitors.

Visit the Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve is one of Las Vegas’s most noteworthy hidden gems. It features trails and botanical gardens that provide a nice change from the urban setting you’ve likely spent most of your time in so far. There are several museums at this site, including the Nevada State Museum.

However, the main attraction is the natural source of water that supported the entire region of indigenous peoples for thousands of years. This makes it one of the most significant cultural sites in the entire Southwest.

Visit the Atomic Museum

Many people are unaware that Nevada was a major testing ground for nuclear weapons. This testing occurred due to a worldwide moratorium on nuclear testing that lasted from 1951 to 1992.

This location was also chosen due to how sparse and unpopulated it was. The Atomic Museum is one of a handful across the country that showcases rare artifacts related to the US nuclear testing program.

Countless museum exhibits offer a unique glimpse at this overlooked part of the country’s history. Those who enjoy learning about government operations may find this museum to be their favorite part of their visit to Las Vegas.

Take a Pool Party Tour

Las Vegas has notably high temperatures during most of the year. Checking out the local pools the city has to offer is the perfect way to cool down. You can purchase tickets for individual pool parties or you could follow along with multiple on a tour.

There are plenty of drink specials to help you make the most of the afternoon. Taking a pool party tour is also a great way to catch an afternoon show. These events often have renowned performers, such as famous DJs.

Check out the Mob Museum

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the Mob Museum while visiting Las Vegas. Many people are unaware that Las Vegas was essentially built by famous mobsters like Lucky Luciano and Frank Castello.

The museum dives right into local secrets about the city’s history you wouldn’t be able to imagine. Although a darker point in Las Vegas history, the city’s connection with organized crime is a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Understand What to Do in Las Vegas During the Day

The information in this guide will help you know what to do in Las Vegas during the day. From here, you shouldn’t have an issue planning the perfect trip for you and your family.

The National Atomic Testing Museum provides a glimpse at the history of nuclear testing in Nevada. The facility uses lessons from the past and present to help visitors better understand how this occurrence impacted worldwide nuclear deterrence. You learn more about the many amazing experiences you can have when you book your visit today.



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