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The 9 Best Museums in Las Vegas to Visit in 2024

Famed for its thrilling entertainment, Las Vegas is best known for its nightlife and dramatic attractions. Despite this, the city has rich cultural and historical locations that improve any visit. Do you know where to find these and which ones offer the best experiences?

Keep reading to learn about the best museums in Las Vegas. Discover more than just the glamorous but also the intriguing aspects of both the local area and the wider world.

  1. Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art – A Window to World-Class Culture

Of all the local museums, this one stands proud as the premier destination for art lovers in Las Vegas. Not only does it have unique showpieces, but it also rotates through exhibitions from around the world all the time.

The location offers diverse, curated artwork from both contemporary and classical periods. It even includes work from private collections that stands up to the quality expected at such an establishment.

The gallery’s intimate setting also offers a tranquil escape from the bustling Las Vegas outdoors. So, come in to experience a true connection with a piece of the city’s artistic culture.

  1. Madame Tussauds – Meet the Stars Up Close

While this is not uniquely one of the Las Vegas exhibits, it still lives up to the hype of the city with its inherent celebrity nature. It is not only movie stars in here, though, and you can expect several themed rooms with different figures from both stardom and history.

The waxworks are intricately designed and developed to present stars as realistic individuals you can go up to and pose with. Tell your friends you met these people, and then show them the photos.

  1. CSI: The Experience – Unravel the Mystery of a Lifetime

In this interactive museum, experience what it is like to undergo a real crime investigation process. Of all the places to visit, this one might be the one with the most hands-on experience.

From presenting you with a crime scene to collecting evidence to solving the mystery itself, it feels like being in one of your favorite TV shows. There is not only one experience, either, so jump back in on a later date and try out another. Master each crime and then tell your friends you are the best amateur detective among them.

  1. Burlesque Hall of Fame

The rich history of burlesque as an art form has had a distinct influence on American culture over the years. This museum showcases a huge array of different costumes, memorabilia, and props from burlesque’s long path to the modern day. The exhibit demonstrates the unique place burlesque has carved out in art, making a tour an exceptional experience.

  1. Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum – Spooky Stories Galore

As one of the creepier things to do in Las Vegas, you may want to investigate this location at night. The exhibit features a series of spooky rooms, each of which contains exhibits housing haunted and eerie artifacts.

The museum also offers guided tours, which can create an immersive and interactive experience. Book a ticket now if you are eager to experience the supernatural or feel the thrill of such an encounter first-hand.

  1. The Atomic Museum – Secrets of History and Science Revealed

This interactive exhibit allows visitors to understand the history and impact of nuclear science on the world. As a form of power, this branch of scientific discovery has affected every corner of our lives. From power generation to warfare to even cosmetics, learn what nuclear science has done for us over the years.

With guided tours, get insights into the history of atomic testing and learn about radiation in a safe environment. You can even use several 3D simulations to discover more about how the power of nuclear science could impact life for both good and bad.

  1. The Neon Museum – A Tour of Dazzling Lights

Las Vegas was synonymous with the neon sign for a large part of its history. Discover why, and see some of the most famous examples of this art form in this museum. With both outdoor and indoor exhibition spaces, you can explore everything the city has had to offer over the decades.

Many of these neon lights have undergone detailed restoration. This way, you can experience what they were like when first produced, and get some photos for your holiday album too.

  1. Discovery Children’s Museum – Build Up Young Minds

Unlike many Vegas attractions, this museum is specifically aimed at children. It provides both fun and education for people of all ages. With a mandate to spark creativity and curiosity, its hands-on exhibits cover art, science, and culture, helping young minds grow.

Check the website to see if there are special events, too. With both seasonal experiences and activities, you may find something unique that appeals to both you and your children. Its workshops are also often for all ages, allowing you to learn right alongside the kids!

  1. The Mob Museum – The Shady Side of American History

Take an in-depth look at the history of organized crime in America. Explore how both Las Vegas and the rest of the world have reacted to the significant impact of these groups on society.

Along with real crime scene artifacts and photos from various mob events, see if you think you could do a better job at solving the problem.

The location even includes a Prohibition-era speakeasy and distillery. Enjoy a taste of the 1920s as you sit back at the end of a tour and discuss everything you saw.

Making the Most of the Best Museums in Las Vegas

Exploring some of the best museums in Las Vegas offers so much more than gaudy glitz and gambling. Come out of your visit all the better by engaging with layers of history, innovation, and excitement. Whether you are a first-timer in Vegas or a repeat visitor, you should elevate your trip beyond the ordinary.

Ready to experience something special for yourself and have a story to go home with? Visit us at the Atomic Museum, and let us guide you through the rich history behind Las Vegas’ place in this scientific journey. Your adventure into science awaits!


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