Board of Trustees

The Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation (NTSHF) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. We have a highly respected Board of Trustees that includes professionals with nuclear testing, national security, museum, and business experience.


John Longenecker, Chair

(2026) – President, Longenecker & Associates; former member, Board of Directors, Nuclear Energy Institute; former Chairman, General Atomics International Services; former DOE Deputy Assistant Secretary, Uranium Enrichment. (2016)

Darwin J. Morgan, President

(2025) – Founding member; Chair, Public Relations & Marketing Committee; former Director, Office of Public Affairs, U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration Nevada Field Office since 1989. Prior to joining DOE, served as reporter, anchor and assignment editor for KVBC-TV, Las Vegas, NV from 1984 to 1989; KBIM-TV, Roswell, New Mexico, from 1980-1981; and KAUZ-TV, Wichita Falls, Texas, from 1981-1984. (2021)

Pat Arnold, Vice President

(2026) – NTSHF Executive Committee; Chair, NTSHF Finance Committee; CEO, Covelop, Inc., San Luis Obispo, CA; native of Southern California; grandson of Herb Grier, founder of EG&G, Inc. (2013)

Martha DeMarre, Secretary

(2025) – Former Manager, Nuclear Testing Archives, Mission Support and Test Services; and a founding member of the National Atomic Testing Museum. (2022)

William N. Wade, Treasurer

(2026) – Managing Partner, New Realities Consulting; Retired President, Essex National Securities & Exec. Vice President of Essex Corporation; Chairman Emeritus, HomewardBound of the Grand Valley, Former Chair, Kevin Wolfgong Foundation: Former Chair, 21st Judicial District Review Commission (2022)


John C. Browne

(2025) – National Advisory Council; Former Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory. (2007)

Jack Doyle

(2025) – NTSHF Executive Committee; NTSHF Finance and Education Committees; former EG&G executive; led DOE Nevada Site Office’s Remote Sensing Laboratory; founding member of the nation’s Nuclear Emergency Search Team (NEST). (2012)

David Feather

(2024) – Executive Director, Fluor Mission Services; former Senior Director, Business Operations, MSTS; formerly Senior Director, for Program Integration, MSTS; over 25 years of weapons and program experience both as a federal employee with NNSA in Washington, DC and Honeywell at the Kansas City National Security Campus. (2020)

Mark Hall-Patton

(2025) – NTSHF Executive Committee; former Administrator of the Clark County Museum system (including the Clark County Museum, Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum and Searchlight Community Museum); 30 years of museum experience working in institutions in California, South Dakota and Nevada; past president, Nevada Museums Association. (2012)

Peggy Hallerberg

(2025) – Founding member; NTSHF Development Committee; former executive with EG&G, Inc. and associated with NTS programs for over 40 years. (2015)

Jim Holt

(2025) – NTSHF Development Committee; former President and General Manager, National Security Technologies, LLC; former Associate Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory. (2016)

Thomas O. Hunter

(2024) – National Advisory Council; former President and Director of Sandia National Laboratories; from 2011-2016, served as Chairman of the Ocean Energy Safety Advisory Committee, established to advise the Secretary of Interior on off-shore energy safety. (2017)

Mark W. Martinez

(2024) – NTSHF Executive Committee; President, MSTS; 23 years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, most recently leading as Vice President and Principal Associate Director for Operations and Business; served as senior test director for LLNL experimental activities at the Nevada Test Site. (2017)

Cory Mazzola

(2024) – NTSHF Development Committee; Executive Fellow, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College; Management Instructor, SANS Institute; Co-Chair, International Museum of Science & Technology Exhibition; former Executive Director, Global Cyber Security, Sands Corporation; Global Manager, Security Programs and Strategic Services, Mandiant/FireEye, Inc.; developed and taught cyber security courses at the University of Maryland; Global executive, published author and invited guest speaker at international cyber security events. (2017)

Mary E. Pike

(2024) – NTSHF Executive Committee; Chair, NATM Education Committee; former Director of Science, Health, Physical Education, and World Languages, former school administrator, and former science teacher for the Clark County School District. (2008)

Robert A. “Bobby" Savoie

(2024) – CEO, Geocent, a national information technology and engineering services company headquartered in Metairie, LA; former CEO, Science & Engineering Associates. Dr. Savoie serves on the Board of Directors of the National World War II Museum; Loyola University; and the University of New Orleans. (2020)

Harry Steinke

(2025) – NTSHF Development Committee; President of VisX Corporation; VisX provides support services in the areas of mission execution, program integration, program management, process improvement, business operations, and strategic planning. He previously held a senior executive position at AECOM as Vice President, Federal Services Group (FSG), for Strategic Development. There he was chartered to broaden FSG’s core capabilities to include research and development, science support, systems operation and maintenance, and logistics services. (2006)

Robert Stoldal

(2025) – NTSHF Development Committee; Chair, Nevada State Museum and Historical Society; Chair, City of Las Vegas Historical Preservation Commission; Charter Board Member/Vice Chair, Preserve Nevada; Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Mob Museum; Board Member, Nevada State Commission on Cultural Affairs. (2003)

Scott Wade

(2026) – Former Assistant Manager for Environmental Management, DOE Nevada Field Office; former Acting Director, Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Office and former Director, Office of Facility Operations, DOE Office of Repository Development. (2022)

Peter Zavattaro

(2025) – Founding member; NTSHF Executive Committee; NTSHF Finance Committee; NTSHF Development Committee; former President, EG&G Energy Measurements, Inc. (1998)


Robert J. Agonia

Founding member; NTSHF Governance and Education Committees; former DOE Nevada Operations Office Industrial Relations Director; former member, Peace Corps. (1998)

Nick C. Aquilina

(2024) – Founding member; former Manager, DOE Nevada Operations Office; former Manager, DOE Savannah River Operations Office; former Deputy Manager, DOE Idaho Operations Office. (1998)

Tom Axtell

Former General Manager, KLVX-TV (PBS), Channel 10, Las Vegas, NV

Joseph Behne

Former Test Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Dale Fraser

Founding member; former General Manager, Reynolds Electrical & Engineering Company, Inc. (1998)

Ronald L. Kathren, PhD

Past President and Life Fellow of the Health Physics Society; Past President of the American Academy of Health Physics

Steve Mellington

Retired federal manager of the DOE/NNSA’s Nevada Field Office (NFO); former Assistant Manager for Environmental Management, DOE Nevada Field Office

Jay H. Norman

Former DOE Nevada Field Office Deputy Manager; former Los Alamos National Laboratory scientific manager

Linda Smith

Founding member; NTSHF Executive, Finance, Governance, Membership and Nominating Committees; former Acting Deputy Manager/Assistant Manager for Administration, DOE Nevada Operations Office. (1998)

John Thorndal

Founding member; Partner, Thorndal, Armstrong, Delk, Balkenbush & Eisenger, Las Vegas, NV

Ex-Officio Members

John C. Benner

Scientific executive, Los Alamos National Laboratory; has been with LANL for 25 years, leading the organization responsible for weapon system activities; former executive, MSTS

David Bowman

Manager, DOE/NNSA’s Nevada Field Office; former scientist, field team leader, project and program manager, deputy office director, and Director of the DOE/NNSA’s Office of Emergency Response; and former DOE/NNSA Associate Administrator for Counterterrorism and Counterproliferation

Mary Beth Hartleb

CEO, Prism HR Consulting, LLC; Board of Directors, Henderson Chamber of Commerce; former adjunct faculty, Upsala College, University of Phoenix, Roseman University and UNLV continuing education programs

Brian McAnallen

(2025) – Chair, NTSHF Government Affairs Advisory Committee; Principal, Office of Philanthropic Initiatives, City of Las Vegas; formerly with Porter Group, a Washington, D.C.-based bipartisan government affairs and advocacy firm; former Government Affairs Manager, City of Las Vegs; former Vice President of Government Affairs, Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce; and former Director, Legislative Affairs, CenturyLink

Peter Ross

Founding member; Assistant Vice President Campus Planning and Physical Plant, Desert Research Institute, the environmental research arm of the Nevada System of Higher Education

Scott Traeger

Manager, Los Alamos National Laboratory Joint Laboratory Office Nevada/Nevada Operations Manager; long-time Nevada Test Site engineer and technical manager; and former technical manager, DOE’s Nevada Field Office

Emeritus In Memoriam

Bruce W. Church

NTSHF President Emeritus and founding member; former DOE Nevada Operations Office Assistant Manager for Environment, Safety and Health; member of Health Physics Society of America and Society for Risk Analysis. (1998)

Nelson Cochrane

Served in key NTSHF leadership roles for over 10 years, including Chair, Vice Chair, and various committee assignments; former NTS historic consultant with MSTS and served as high-level technical manager with EG&G, Lockheed-Martin Nevada Technologies and National Security Technologies, LLC at the Nevada Test Site for over 30 years

Charles F. Costa

NTSHF Executive Committee; scientific consultant, Mission Support and Test Services, LLC; former Test Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory; and Captain (Ret) US Public Health Service

Dominic J. Monetta

President, Resource Alternatives, Inc.; former DOE Assistant Secretary

Linda Rakow, Vice Chair Posthumous Emeritus

NTSHF Executive and Education Committees; former Chief Financial Officer, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Alvin Trivelpiece

Former Director, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; former Executive Officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; former Director, DOE Office of Energy Research; former Vice President, Martin Marietta Energy Systems; former President, Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corporation

Troy E. Wade, Chair Posthumous Emeritus

Founding member; NTSHF Executive Committee; former Department of Energy (DOE) Acting Assistant Secretary for Defense Programs; former Deputy Manager, Nevada Operations Office; former Manager, Idaho Operations Office

Ernest B. Williams

(2025) – Founding member; former budget officer and engineering technician, DOE Nevada Operations Office; former member, USAF. (1998)

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