Nuclear Testing Archive

Are you looking for historical records related to the U.S. Nuclear Testing Program?

The Nuclear Testing Archive, formerly the Coordination Information Center, was established on July 17, 1981. It serves to gather and provide access to historical documents, records, and data related to radioactive fallout resulting from U.S. nuclear device testing.

The archive houses over 386,000 documents available to the public through the Nuclear Testing Archive Public Virtual Reading Room. This collection covers radioactive fallout measurement, health effects of radiation, and scientific studies from various test sites including the Nevada National Security Site, the Trinity event, and the Pacific Proving Grounds.

Access to the archive’s collection details can be found via OpenNet, the DOE’s declassified document database. It assists in locating and ordering documents of interest within the DOE complex.

Furthermore, the Nuclear Testing Archive maintains the complete DOE Human Radiation Experiments collection, accessible in full-text via the dedicated DOE Human Radiation Experiments site.

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